Being stuck in Peru convinced me I need a Chromebook


When disaster strikes, it never hurts to have an extra Chromebook.

That’s what I learned when I had a friend visit me in Lima, Peru, where I was working remotely for the month of March. We were planning to hike and camp in Cusco and the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. But instead of a bucket-list trip, a strict nationwide quarantine kept us cooped up in our apartment rental three days after she arrived. Suddenly my friend went from vacation mode to work-from-home mode, but she had only brought her iPhone.

So while I worked, she attempted to do as much as she could from her smartphone, which was mostly checking her email. If I took long-enough breaks she’d snag my work MacBook Air. Because U.S. government sites aren’t very mobile-friendly, it was especially useful for registering for repatriation flights back to the United States.  Read more…


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