Anna Delvey’s biggest con played out after she got arrested

On Friday, news broke that Shonda Rhimes first Netflix series would be about Anna Sorokin a.k.a. Anna Delvey, the Russian woman who conned elite New York establishments into financing her life as a grifter.

Sorokin, now 27, is in prison at Rikers Island, but the fact that her story is going to Rhimes and Netflix only deepens her notoriety, and will probably glamorize the time she spent expensing extravagant hotels and meals to financiers that didn’t exist. She’ll become the celebrity she was always pretending to be.

Sorokin was tracked down and convicted in 2017 of grand larceny and other charges, but her story resurfaced virally in May with a vivid retelling. The Cut’s feature details how this grifter floated into New York’s hottest hotels and restaurants and paid for everything with cash while supposedly planning a business venture that she knew would never come to fruition.

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