Algorithms control your online life. Here’s how to reduce their influence.

Algorithms control your online life. Here's how to reduce their influence.

Mashable’s series Algorithms explores the mysterious lines of code that increasingly control our lives — and our futures.

The world in 2020 has been given plenty of reasons to be wary of algorithms. Depending on the result of the U.S. presidential election, it may give us one more. Either way, it’s high time we questioned the impact of these high-tech data-driven calculations, which increasingly determine who or what we see (and what we don’t) online. 

The impact of algorithms is starting to scale up to a dizzying degree, and literally billions of people are feeling the ripple effects. This is the year the Social Credit System, an ominous Black Mirror-like “behavior score” run by the Chinese government, is set to officially launchIt may not be quite as bad as you’ve heard, but it will boost or tighten financial credit and other incentives for the entire population. There’s another billion unexamined, unimpeachable algorithms hanging over a billion human lives.    Read more…

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