A 4K TV is a must to stream ‘Hamilton’ in all its glory

A 4K TV is a must to stream 'Hamilton' in all its glory

You’ve finally made it: This week is the week that Hamilton comes to Disney+. (Here’s a brand new trailer just because.)

Disney+ nixed its free trial right before Hamilton‘s highly-awaited streaming debut. But at $ 6.99, there’s a lot of content you can get through in a month — plus, many Verizon customers can still take advantage of the “free Disney+ for a year” deal that’s been around since November.

Aside from a Disney+ subscription, there’s one thing you’ll need to ensure the most magical Hamilton experience possible: a 4K TV. Everyone knows that the best way to see Lin-Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece is IRL, but the 4K level of pixel detail, color accuracy, and lag prevention will create a way more immersive, theatre-like experience than a regular HD screen. Trust us. Read more…

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