6 ways to help loved ones grieving deaths during the coronavirus pandemic


For many of us, the coronavirus is a waiting game. Since mid-March when I started working from home and limiting trips out of my apartment, I’ve crossed out each day on my calendar. Each “X” represented a victory, marking another day that I escaped the virus’ wrath and it hadn’t infected or killed someone I cared about. Avoiding COVID-19 is no easy feat as I live in New York City, the country’s epicenter for the disease.

But last week my luck ran out. My aunt died from  coronavirus complications in her home in New Jersey. Normally, our family would gather together for a memorial to honor her memory and to comfort my uncle. However, coronavirus has made being physically together difficult or impossible due to social distancing mandates meant to limit the spread of the virus. Now we are mourning alone in separate corners of the country and the world, without a family member’s touch to get us through this loss. My family is certainly not alone in their bereavement. Coronavirus is disrupting mourning rituals everywhere, with Read more…


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