10 ways to enjoy Toronto life in the age of COVID-19

10 ways to enjoy Toronto life in the age of COVID-19

Toronto is considered a world-class city when it comes to food, culture, sports and entertainment. With most of the city on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, it might feel like all that the city has to offer is off limits. Toronto’s people and businesses are resilient and creative, though. They have found innovative ways to offer their services while the city moves toward lifting restrictions. 

With things slowly beginning to open up again, including patios at 50 percent capacity, we can look forward to getting back to some of our favourite venues and activities. Until then, whether you are a quarantined at home or heading out in small groups to socialize at a distance, we’ve got a list of 10 ways to have fun in Toronto while your life is still somewhat on lockdown.  Read more…

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