10 moments that defined the first decade of Instagram

10 moments that defined the first decade of Instagram

Instagram celebrates its tenth birthday this year.

In the decade since it launched, Instagram has shaped the way we consume, advertise, and create content. From the rise of sponcon to disastrous gender reveals, and to the art of FaceTune, Instagram’s cultural impact — whether beneficial or detrimental — is undeniable. 

During that decade, trends have come and gone, images have been posted and deleted, and influencers have been canceled, uncanceled, and canceled again. Here are some of moments in Instagram history that shaped digital culture today. 

1. Follow me

Remember when everyone and their mother posted “follow me” photos during vacations? The trend was popularized by travel photographer Murad Osmann, who went viral for posting photos of his girlfriend leading the viewer around the world’s most breathtaking sights. For the better part of the decade, Osmann and his girlfriend have led Instagram followers to the icy fjords of Scandinavia, the tropical jungles of Southeast Asia, and even the bustling streets of Hollywood. Osmann and his girlfriend also launched a travel vlog series on YouTube, which records their adventures in more detail.  Read more…

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