10 Halloween costumes you really shouldn’t wear this year

10 Halloween costumes you really shouldn't wear this year

There’s no doubt that Halloween this year will be different, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain costumes that are just off limits. 

With the pandemic still wreaking havoc in the United States, Halloween festivities will probably be more socially distanced than usual. Giant crowds, large parties, and even trick-or-treating is pretty much off the table, but there are still ways to celebrate safely. Whether you whip up something last-minute, dress up as something quarantine-themed, or marry cursed with sexy in an unholy outfit, quarantine can’t get rid of the Halloween spirit.

That being said, there are definitely some costumes that are just downright insensitive considering the events of this year. Here are ten Halloween costumes you’ll want to avoid dressing up as if you want to be a decent human being (or if you just don’t want to be shamed online for being kind of a dick.) Read more…

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