Want to look like an idiot? Buy a Hushme

Don’t be a goof.

You thought Google Glass was stupid?. Check out this product called Hushme.

U.S.-based Hushme has created what it calls the “world’s first voice mask for mobile phones.”
The mask, which comes in a few different colors, can be worn around the neck as a standard wireless headphone or in masking mode, which lets the user block out the sounds of their conversation.
When in masking mode, the headphones come with an app that lets the user add a masking sound to further muffle the conversation. Sounds include R2D2, Darth Vader, wind, rain and a host of others, according to the company’s website.
The headphones appear geared to office workers, who talk on the phone all day or are looking to have private conversations at their desk.
The mask uses magnets to snap in front of your mouth, while still allowing the user to take a phone call.
Hushme is said to be working on a crowdfunding campaign later this year to build the products, at a cost of less than $200.
Yeah well I am sure people would not pay a dime for this one.

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Want to look like an idiot? Buy a Hushme