Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim is a scam for Windsor woman

A form letter and radio silence from Tim Hortons has greeted a Windsor woman trying to redeem a Roll-Up-the-Rim tab for $100.
Nicole Morin visited the Tim Hortons on Ottawa Street near Kildare Road on Feb. 12. She ordered an English toffee-flavoured coffee and let her 13-year-old son, John, roll up the rim. To their delight, the cup was a $100 winner.
John ripped off the tab and took it to the counter where a worker explained the prize wasn’t cash, but a Tim Horton’s gift card. The worker gave Morin a form to mail to redeem the prize.
Morin said she filled it out, attached the tab and mailed it away.
A month later, a form letter signed “Fulfillment Services” came in the mail. “We regret to inform you that you have been disqualified as a potential winner in this contest as the rim tab submitted does not contain the PIN code and therefore cannot be validated.”
Morin said the form she was handed by the store employee said nothing about a PIN code, nor did the worker tell her to keep more of the cup. “I threw it into their recycle bin as I left.”
Morin posted photos taken inside the Tim Hortons with two of her eight children that day. One photo is of her holding the winning tab, smiling alongside a uniformed Tim Hortons employee. Another photo is a close-up of the winning tab.
“I’m hoping Tim Hortons will educate their workers on what to do when someone wins,” Morin said of why she has gone public with her complaint. “I’m hoping they will follow through on their promises.”
Morin said she has spoken to the manager of the Ottawa Street franchise. The manager referred her to the owner and the district manager. Neither returned her calls.
The Star left repeated messages at the store and with Tim Hortons’ corporate office Wednesday. No one responded
Roll Up the Rim is an annual contest, launched by Tim Hortons in 1986.

The best advice you can do is stop buying coffee from Tim Hortons. Go to Starbucks.

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Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim is a scam for Windsor woman