This is life on $7.50 an hour

Many cities in the US and Canada are pushing to implement a min 15$ wage.
A lot of the large corporations are frowning upon this move, saying the increase will hurt their bottom line.

The wages in the US are less than those in Canada, especially the min wages.
The problem is that many large companies like Mcdonalds have no respect for paying their workers properly.

It’s called corporate greed.

The less they payout to staff, the more goes in corporates pocket

Like the video says, this single mother works at Mcdonalds for $7.50 @ hour just trying to survive.
With this low paying wage she has to resort to food stamps to supplement her income.

You should try living on this for 1 month and see how far it gets you.

I can bet you can’t.

Autumn Brown tells her story on min wage working at Starbucks in Seattle

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