Repeat after me: leggings are NOT PANTS!!!

I remember my mom wearing leggings and I’m not kidding. In the 80´s, the awesome decade I was born in, this piece of clothing was the holy grail of wardrobe. Think about it… they worked for the gym but for parties as well… awesome! And that’s one of the reasons they made a spectacular comeback in the mid-2010s because girls thought it would be possible to use them everywhere and anywhere.

But, that my friends… is the biggest lie of the new era. Leggings are not useful for everything and can’t be worn with everything. As all the pieces of clothes we have in our closet, they have rules. Of course, some people might say that rules are meant to be broken, but the risk of breaking this one is looking not as attractive or chic you can look.

The first thing we have to clarify seems obvious, but someone has to say it: leggings are not pants! You can’t use them to replace your favorite pants just because they fit you better and make you look skinnier (which in some cases they do, and many other times they do not. Do you want to see some of them? Let’s start:

It’s all about the fabric

It is a little weird that we start with the fabric but the fact is that when it comes to leggings, texture is everything. You can’t go around there with a thin elastic pair because it will be sheer and everyone else will be able to see through it. So it doesn’t matter how you choose to wear them, you just have to make sure they’re made of a good quality.

Avoid crop tops at all cost

It doesn’t matter how good they look on Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, and how cool Vogue tells us they look. Leggings are not meant to be used with short tops and especially not with crop tops. Remember that one of the most important features of this piece is its fabric, which is elastic but thin and it makes you very exposed. That means curves and also camel toe.
For many women who are “weight challenged” PLEASE do us all a favor and DO NOT wear leggings out in public. It’s disgusting! Do you really want that showing to the world? I think not. If you really want legging to rock, pair them with oversized t-shirts or sweaters which length gets just to your hips.

Covering up

After a few attempts to make leggings work, I’ve come to realized that they can be actually useful for tall girls and those dresses that are often in the back of the closet because they’re too short or blouses or sweaters that are too long. If you do this, the leggings will cover your concerns. But careful, this is an option that’s best to wear with boots or tall booties. If you choose other types of shoes, make sure your leggings are really long and made out of a good fabric. That way they would look like pants but keeping the distance, and everything else covered enough.

They’re gym material

Essentially, leggings were created as gym clothing. Some years after that they evolved in outwear, but it won’t hurt anyone if you take them to their original habitat. It would be a nice idea if you have to get somewhere after your workout, and maybe here you can break the rules of the crop tops (but just once or twice, don’t push it). They’re comfortable and fitting, so you will feel amazing with them. Once again, pay a lot of attention to the fabric and make an investment on a really good pair that you can use for a long time.

Careful with the prints

Really colorful and printed leggings are tricky options. If you really like to try this it would be better if you start at the gym and figure out how you feel in them. If you happen to like them, pair them with neutral clothes so they can steal the show. Every tip we’ve told you before applies to these ones, however… the most important thing is to keep it casual. Wear these on the weekends or to an informal date with friends or your significant other. Don’t take them to the corporative environment. Ever.

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