Muslim Accidentally Eats Pork. Watch How He Responds

A Muslim man in Dearborn, Michigan has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Little Caesars claiming that the chain served him a pizza with pepperoni made with pork.

Breitbart reported that the lawsuit, which was filed by Mohamad Bazzi on Thursday in Wayne County Circuit Court, said the pizza was labeled “halal,” meaning it shouldn’t contain pork and would be prepared in a way that follows Islamic law.

Muslim law strictly prohibits the consumption of pork.

He’s suing for 100 million. A little extreme wouldn’t you say?

Bazzi’s lawyer Majed Moughni explained that the lawsuit is also meant to deter others from accidentally ordering food that contains pork from the restaurant.

Dearborn is known for having an excessively large Muslim population, as followers of Islam have quickly gained control of the town.

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