Mom honestly believes organic food is healthier, doesn’t use pesticides

Mom is wrong. companies have to use pesticides in order to control bug infestation.
How much chemicals they use, that’s the real question.
If dealing with organic foods, then perhaps very little amount.

Cathy O’Brien was shopping for her groceries at Whole Foods and all reports indicate that she truly believes organic food is healthier and that organic crops are never touched by pesticides.

“Of course organic food is healthier, why else would it cost more?” said Cathy. “Plus, organic means no pesticides. None.”

What Mrs. O’Brien (and seemingly many, many other people) fail to understand is that organic crops are indeed sprayed with pesticides and fungicides, sometimes ever more than their GMO counterparts.

According to Scientific American, “Not only are organic pesticides not safe, they might actually be worse than the ones used by the conventional agriculture industry” and “the actual volume usage of pesticides on organic farms is not recorded by the government.”

When presented with this information O’Brien refused to believe it, stating that “the publication and scientists who wrote that must have been paid off by Monsanto.”

Scientists also discovered, to their dismay, that O’Brien is not alone.

“We interviewed several people leaving Whole Foods and found that over 75% of them believed that organic foods don’t use pesticides,” said Dr. Fred Savage, agricultural scientist and presumed Monsanto shill. “When we told them they were incorrect, they actually dug in deeper to their beliefs and accused us of being paid off.”

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