How To Teach Discipline to Your Cat

Cats are the most difficult domestic pet to deal with. Training them is a task for every parent. It’s not that they are less intelligent. They are actually as smart as dogs are, but they are stubborn by nature. The proud felines love leading their lives on their terms. So, they take some time to learn the rules set by humans. However, it is not impossible. You need to keep a bit of patience while teaching them good habits. Don’t hit the kitty or scream at her. There are other ways to deal with their stubbornness.

Here are some of the ways through which you can train your feline.

1. Litter box training

Litter box training is the first training that you need to give to your feline. Kitties like their privacy so keep the litter box in some quiet place, where there’s less noise and foot traffic. Make her sit on the box every time she eats. If you have more than one litter box, then, keep the color same. She shouldn’t recognize the difference, otherwise, it will get difficult for her to get accustomed to it.

2. Reward her, don’t punish

Reward her for the good act with her favorite biscuits and cat food. Even a tender pat on the back can encourage the innocent feline. Cats like being praised. However, don’t be harsh if she is being bad. Cats are like kids. They will disobey you initially, but will gradually adopt the rules. Rewards and appreciations can be a huge encouragement for them.

3. Discourage aggression

Kitties do get violent at times while playing. It’s not their fault, the aggression comes naturally to these predators. Don’t ignore this. React immediately when she gets aggressive and uses her teeth or nails. Stop playing or talking to her when she gets violent. She might want to play more but you must ignore her. She will gradually realize that it is upsetting you and will not use her hunter instinct.

4. Give time to adjust

The training that domestic cats get is in contrast to their natural instinct. She is bound to take time to adjust to the new lifestyle. You will have to be patient with them. Give her the time she needs. Don’t rush into anything. There will be times when she will hide away from you during the training. Leave her alone when she is sleeping or hiding. She will come back herself when she gets bored. Avoid entering into her personal space.

5. Be consistent

You will have to continue the same routine until the feline adapts to it. If you change the time table too often or even give it a break of a couple of days, you will have to start from the very beginning. Pay special attention to the personality and the gradual changes in her. If there is anything that the kitty is finding hard to adopt, then, either change it or make it a bit more liberal. Don’t pressurize her with too many rules and regulations.

6. Channelize the aggression

You can’t remove the aggression and hunting habits completely as it comes naturally to them. However, you can channelize it to some good purpose. Provide them with scratching post as well as stuffed toys that they can scratch and chew. Take her out in the evening for her to play, jump and climb. If you keep the kitty in the house the entire day, she will get irritated and will end up disturbing you.

7. Provide a cat space

You can create a quite and peaceful space for your kitty in the house. Provide her with a comfortable bed and decorate it with catnips and toys. You can use the bed sheet and cat themed pillow cover with cat prints on them. Felines love colorful things and the cat print will add to the fun.

8. Make them a part of the family

Dogs instantly gel with their master. However, cats are a bit shy and introvert. They take some time to develop that bonding. So, you will have to make her feel that she is a member of the family and not just a pet. Include her in the celebrations and family dinners. Dress her up as you get ready for the events. Make her pose for the family picture and this will make the bond between you two strong.

Kitties are your companion, let them grow with you. Teach and train your feline, don’t force her to follow your orders.

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