Couple’s ‘childbirth’ photoshoot has everyone talking – for all the wrong reasons

Brace yourselves, because this is a childbirth photoshoot like no other

Like many a couple before them, Lucy Schultz and her partner, Steve, felt their relationship was at that point where they could expand their family.

They had been together for three years, and were both in a good position, financially.

However, it wasn’t a baby the pair were hoping to add to their little unit.

It was a kitten – and it was a decision both took very seriously.

So seriously in fact, that they spent months looking for the perfect moggy, which they eventually found at SoulDog Rescue in Colorado.

After finding their little fluffball, they then did what many a proud parent would do, and made an announcement. So far so good.

“On 1/10/18 we welcome our first baby kitten, a neutered male DLH,” Lucy wrote.

“He is 22″ long and weighed 6 pounds 7 oz. He is already eating solid food. Name to be announced. We are so in love.”

Not only that, but they accompanied the announcement of the 5-month-old orange and white male’s arrival with a unique photoshoot.

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