Canadians Had Enough Of Cellphone Prices

Canadians are fed up with the ever increasing cellphone prices.

We pay some of the highest costs in the industrialized world for often terrible cell phone service.

Up for auction are important blocks of wireless spectrum, a scarce and vital public resource that mobile devices use to communicate with each other. The Big Three already control over 85 per cent of this important resource, much of it handed to them virtually for free. Having so few players control the infrastructure required to deliver service makes it extremely difficult for independent providers and innovators to reach Canadians — and leaves cell phone users with few options other than the Big Three’s blatant price-gouging and poor customer service.

The government should act immediately to stop the Big Three from using their telecom infrastructure to block independent providers. Tens of thousands of Canadians have requested this action and it’s time for the government to listen to its citizens and adopt this common-sense policy. At the same time it’s essential that the government doesn’t give in to those (including the Big Three) who are asking for the rules to be changed to enable huge foreign investment in the Big Three providers. This could obviously cement our lack of choice and high prices into place, and potentially make matters worse.

Enough is enough. We’ve put up with the Big Three’s (TELUS, ROGERS, BELL) sky-high prices and terrible service for long enough. Let’s each take a moment to speak out together at https://OpenMedia.ca/gatekeepers so we can create a momentum the government will find impossible to ignore.

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Canadians Had Enough Of Cellphone Prices