Our Mission

The newspaper industry has been around for decades, and will continue for for many more years to come. Traditionally, news has been controlled in the hands of many trained and untrained editors at established media houses. We believe the internet and mobile technology is changing all of that. The onset of Google and other sites have enabled the democratization of content. We don’t like to think of ourselves as a news site. Big media corps have that aspect covered. Many who want the news will tune to CNN. Our focus is on interesting gossip and stories that people love to share. We want to represent and be the best source people go to for interesting stories on the Internet. We hope that by leveraging today’s latest technologies we can spread these stories across the world as quick as possible. We hope you can support us in our journey.

Our Story

Blogwire began in 2010 with a focus on Social Media. Today, with a small staff we believe in supplying a steady stream of important and irresistibly shareable stuff. It just makes sense. Our monthly unique visitors and social media followers have become an engaged online community all around. We’ve recently expanded into Internet and affiliate Marketing for those interested in pursuing a career online with their website. Join our community on any of your favourite social networks.


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  • Cathy Ward Moderator
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  • Frank Bianchi Lifestyle
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