10 Reasons Why You Should Buy an iPhone

A true die-hard Android user will never agree that agree that nothing is better but an Android device.
I have experienced both sides of the fence, and in my opinion the IPhone ranks number 1.

1. You want a more polished user experience.

For me, personally, I think that iOS has a better and more polished design hands down. Opening and closing apps, opening the control center, notification center and all other UI functions are EXTREMELY smooth and silky. (Except Facebook for some weird reason :/ ) The placement of certain functions is also very convenient like the Control Center, which is accessed by swiping from the bottom of the screen.

2. You want to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and plug your charger in without having to worry whether it’s facing the correct side.

We can all agree that being able to plug your charger in facing any side is of great convenience. With an IPhone its the same either side.

3. You want all those iOS exclusive apps.

You need to have all those iOS exclusive apps such as Paper, Infinity Blade, Camera Awesome, and the rest of good stuff that is available on iOS but not on Android.

4. You want to use AirPlay.

AirPlay is mostly used by me for sharing the device’s screen. However in addition to this, you can quickly play videos or music on your Apple Tv also. The reason this made the list is just because of how easy it is to do. Swipe up the Control Center, Hit AirPlay and that’s it! Great feature.

5. You want a better built phone.

You’re hanging out with someone and you hold their iPhone for 5 minutes and then when you grab your phone again, it feels like a toy. Experienced this many times and many can argue that it shouldn’t apply to the Oppo Find 7 in addition to the M7 an M8 but the Oppo Find 7 just doesn’t look as elegant. The iPhone is definitely a very great designed phone that screams quality especially with those chamfered edges and aluminum and glass back.

6. You want a fingerprint reader that works exceptionally well.

You do a lot of banking on your phone, you store private information and you’d like that extra sense of security by having your own fingerprint as the lock. Sure, there are Android phones that include fingerprint readers but they are in no way as polished and easy to use like the iPhone 5S.

7. You want Spotlight Search.

You want to be able to find ANYTHING on your phone with one search. Swipe down on the homescreen and type what you would like to search for, and you see it popping up in the results, whether it be a song, file, contact etc. I personally don’t care much for this feature because I know exactly where everything is on my phone but it is nice to have and great for the not-so-tech savvy.

8. You want a phone that is SIMPLE to use and “Just Works”.

Exactly as the title says, you want SIMPLE and “Just Works”. You want to be able to use a feature without having to wonder if you’re doing it the right way. iOS is hands down one of the easiest Mobile Operating System to use due to its simplicity and great design. This is also another big plus for the not-so-tech savvy users.

9. You love Apple products.

You love how Apple products are designed and how they feel in your hand. You love that premium looking Apple logo on every device…This is a VALID reason! It is about what YOU like. Not what your friend likes or what you think you should like. If YOU love Apple and you love the iPhone then its a VALID reason to invest in one!

10. Facetime.

You want to be able to make a video or audio call over Wi-Fi without having to download third party apps such as Skype, Oovoo etc. A Facetime call is just as easy to make as a normal call.

Bottom line is the Iphone just makes sense.

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