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Vic Dibitetto finally gets his shot

This article was originally designed to be read in the September 2014 issue of New Jersey Stage magazine. Eight months ago, comedian Vic Dibitetto uploaded “Who’s gonna give me my shot?!” on YouTube. In the video, Dibitetto, who lives in Central Jersey, makes a plea for somebody to give him […]

Will Webmail Be The Future Of Email Storage?

With email being a primary mode of formal and official communication around the world, an important question that should be asked is that how and where will users store their data. As data storage evolved and modes of storage cross conventional limitations, innovations in Information technology has taken thing to […]

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Fix Iphone Charging Problem Easy

Are you having problems trying to get your apple iphone to charge properly?. Do you find that you have to jiggle the power cord on the connection to your phone? Here is a little tip that works wonders with a simple twist-tie. Before trying this little trick I truly thought […]